Title Agent Facing Claims

A title agent with over twenty years of experience was facing their first claim, having been brought into a situation unexpectedly by a developer. Despite not expecting to ever have to make a settlement the agency reported the issue to their insurer so as to not risk a coverage declination later.

Six months after the matter was reported a notice of non-renewal came in the mail. With the matter open and no news to provide, the agency was having trouble obtaining quotes.

After partnering with the specialists at InsureTitleAgents.com management compiled a comprehensive submission that included all the details of the incident and what controls were put in place to prevent it from happening again. The organization ended up receiving two quotes below their expiring premium.

Non-Renewed for No Reason

A midwestern agency had been insured by a major national carrier without incident for six years before receiving a dreaded non-renewal notice. By getting in front of the issue the expert brokers at InsureTitleAgents.com guided the firm towards a new carrier with expanded coverage terms at the same premium.

Abstractor Facing Steep Premium Increase

A contracted abstractor was shocked to receive his renewal quote for professional liability insurance and discover it had quadrupled. The worst part was his agent only held one contract, with his current insurer, and could not get him other options.

By working with InsureTitleAgents.com the abstractor received several quotes and was given a continuum of renewal options at various price points to choose from.