We recognize that anyone can get you a quote.

You’ll recognize that no one gives advice like we do.

Risk Analysis
No two firms are the same, we work to structure the most cost effective way to protect your assets and comply with legal requirements. The brokers you will work with are experts in assessing your firm and the risks you face.

Insurance Placement
Our focus is transferring and financing the risk your firm faces. We accomplish this primarily through purchasing insurance. InsureTitleAgents.com works with you to discover what insurance your firm needs and obtain multiple options for you to consider.

Claims Advocacy
In the event of a claim, we will assist you as you report the matter to the insurance company. We will also act as a liaison and advocate to the insurance company on your behalf. Having someone who is able to explain the claims process to you and able to speak the same language as the insurance company proves invaluable.

InsureTitleAgents.com is the premier website to purchase the errors and omissions insurance your agency needs. We have obtained this status by offering the title industry with the following top of the line services: